In your life, you take many brave steps. As you pursue your dreams, maintain relationships, or seek adventure, you make choices that form you. But perhaps you didn’t plan for a pregnancy now. If you worry about what your future holds, we want to make your next brave step a little easier. Our mobile medical clinic parks within your community so that you don’t have to go far to receive support. 


What services are on a mobile clinic?

In our unit, our medically trained professionals provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds for women. They also provide free STI screenings and testing for men and women. If you are unexpectedly pregnant, our compassionate team will also provide confidential education regarding all of your pregnancy optionsadoption, abortion, and parenting


How much do the services on the mobile clinic or mobile medical unit cost?

Our mobile clinic provides free services to you, even though other mobile units in the community may require credit card payments. We provide free services because we want to empower you to make the best choice for your life! 


Do mobile medical clinics provide abortions?

In Tennessee, abortion pills and surgical abortions are illegal. But, our mobile clinic wants to empower you with the education you need regarding your pregnancy. After positive pregnancy testing, our trained medical staff will provide a free ultrasound. The ultrasound verifies the viability of your pregnancy and determines how far along you are in your pregnancy. Then, our team will walk through all of your options with you. 


Who works on a mobile medical unit?

Our trained medical team and client advocates work on our unit. They provide a listening ear, compassionate care, and options education all within a judgment-free zone. Many of our staff have experienced unexpected pregnancies themselves and desire to offer you the support they once needed. 


How can I receive support and resources for my pregnancy?

When you visit our mobile unit, our team will provide you with resources and referrals to local agencies near you for support through classes, groups, or other services. 


Free Pregnancy Resources in East TN

At Pregnancy Resource Center, our mobile unit wants to come alongside you as you navigate your unexpected pregnancy. We accept walk-ons and scheduled appointments! If the unit is parked nearby and you see the door open or someone outside, feel free to walk-on! Or, you can text “Mobile Appointment” to 865-409-0929. 


For more information on future locations or if we are parked and serving an area near you please call 865-977-8378.


**Our Mobile Medical Unit does not refer for or perform abortions**

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