In a negative world, it’s hard to be brought down by what’s occurring around us. We are constantly reminded of the harsh reality when we turn on the TV or even begin to scroll through our social channels. In the midst of such bad news, we wanted to take some time are share a couple of our favorite ways to achieve a positive mindset in a negative and sometimes dark world.


  1. Start each day with gratitude. Waking up, especially for work or school can be hard enough to do when we are so tired. However, instead of capitalizing on how tired you are and what is going wrong, focus on several things that are going right. Write down or think of three positive things each morning. Some examples of this are:
    1. I am grateful to wake up today with my health.
    2. I am grateful to wake up and have a paying job to go to today.
    3. I am grateful to have gotten the amount of rest that I got last night.
    4. I am grateful to be surrounded by the friends and family that I have.
    5. I am grateful to have the many loving relationships that I have.
    6. I am grateful…. (the list could go on, but you get the point!)
  2. Start your drive, no matter how long, with positive affirmations. You are a lot of things, try to focus on the positive things you are proud of.
    1. I am strong.
    2. I am smart.
    3. I am proud to be doing what I am doing.
  3. Stay calm. At all times, just stay calm. Getting rattled and uptight in any situation does nothing but make you feel bad later on. When something isn’t right and things seem horribly wrong, remain calm. Count to ten. Take ten deep breaths. Look around you and try to remember all of the positives that you have going for you. It will always be okay. Remember to breathe, look around you, and know that it’s never as bad as it seems.
  4. Lastly, surround yourself with positive people. You are who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with positive people, people you’d aspire to be, you will always be working to make yourself positive and happy like the people around you. Try to find a mentor or a close friend that you can go to about anything. This will really help if you are feeling gloomy or need a pick-me-up. You’ll know just who to go to!


    Trying to be positive can be hard to do somethings. Especially with a lot of negativities to dwell on. However, if you try your best to live a positive life, surround yourself with positive people, and remain thankful and grateful for what you do have… you will flourish!

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