The rate at which you experience pregnancy symptoms will vary for each woman. Every woman is different when it comes to the symptoms she may experience, and every pregnancy is different. You may have morning sickness with one pregnancy and have no symptoms at all with the second pregnancy. Typically, you will start having symptoms at about four to six weeks into the pregnancy. Your initial symptoms can include weight gain and the absence of your period.

Other symptoms you may experience early on in your pregnancy include:

1.Mood changes – irritability, sad, happy, etc.

2.Increased urination

3. Light bleeding – lighter and shorter in duration than your normal menstrual cycle and this is commonly referred to as implantation bleeding

4.Headaches – above the normal amount you may already experience

5.Fatigue – very common in the first trimester to feel tired all the time, sleeping more, and sleeping deeper

6.Breast tenderness and swelling

7.Light cramping and aching in the lower back

8.Constipation due to hormone changes

9.Nausea, dizziness, and vomiting

As the pregnancy continues further, you may also experience:

1.Swelling in the legs of feet due to the slowing down of blood flow because of the pressure of the enlarged uterus causing fluid to build-up

2.Leakage of urine due to the pressure of the uterus

3.Backaches and cramping

4.Food cravings and aversions

5.Sensitivity to certain smells


7.Shortness of breath due to the increased oxygen demand of the body to support the growing fetus

Some of these symptoms may also occur when you are on your period or before starting your period. This experience can be confusing if you are not sure for which reason you are experiencing these symptoms.

If you feel you may be pregnant or if you are pregnant and want to know if your symptoms are ‘normal,’ please request an appointment with us today. Pregnancy Resource Center provides no-cost pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to help guide you in the right direction. And of course, always confirm everything with your doctor.

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