You just went to the local convenience store to purchase a pregnancy test. If only you had a place to go to and to find out if you are pregnant in total privacy. Going to the store in itself was stressful enough watching every corner to see if you saw someone you knew. You just took a pregnancy test. Time seems to move in slow motion as you wait for the results. When you look down and see those positive lines, your mind and heart start racing. Your first thought is to think of all the things that could go wrong or how this pregnancy will ruin your life. Whether it’s doubts about being able to graduate from high school and go to college, finish college, concerns about being able to advance in your new career, if you will be able to afford to care for your child, or questioning how this will change the status of your new relationship…your unplanned pregnancy can cause a torrent of concerns.

Stop and breathe. You don’t need to borrow worry from tomorrow when you are living in today. After taking the time to stop and slow your racing mind and heart, you will be able to think through everything with a clearer mind.

Will having a baby make completing school take a little longer? Potentially, but that doesn’t mean you cannot finish. Ask anyone who has walked through more of life than you, and they will tell you that the hardest things in life always are the sweetest and the most rewarding. The hardest things are usually what makes us stronger.

Having a child is the biggest, and potentially scariest thing you may ever do, but it will be 100% worth it. For every hard moment, you will have five beautiful ones, for every moment you have where you want to quit, you have a million more where you couldn’t imagine a second without your little one. They will be the best part of your day, your proudest accomplishment, and your deepest love.

Having a child will take sacrifice and work. You might have to work a little harder in school to finish, put in some extra time to get that promotion or work even harder to make your relationship work, but in the end when everything works out you will be able to look back and see that you succeeded against all the odds. We, as women, have the power to do that! We are stronger than we think. We are braver than we believe. You will have this little human who was looking at you the whole time seeing that hard work does pay off, that you are willing to do whatever to succeed, and they will see that their mom is truly their hero.

Will it be hard? Yes, but the sacrifices you made will be worth it. For help navigating your pregnancy decisions (from abortion, adoption to parenting), we are in your corner. We are here to help you come into a safe, confidential place to take a breath, to be able to clear your mind. Schedule your cost-free consultation with the Pregnancy Resource Center here. We offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, STI testing, guidance, education, resources, and more.

Will it be hard? Yes, but the sacrifices you made will be worth it.

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