An unexpected pregnancy causes many feelings. Women may experience shock, disbelief, loneliness, or uncertainty. If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone. At Pregnancy Resource Center, we want to empower you with the information you need to make the best choice for you. 


Adoption is just one of your pregnancy options. Many misconceptions about adoption exist, so keep reading to learn the facts!


What is adoption? 

In adoption, a birth mother legally transfers her parental rights to another parent (or set of parents). Women facing unexpected pregnancies can choose to place their babies for adoption. Researchers estimate that close to 20,000 private adoptions occur every year in the United States. 


Is it hard to give up your baby for adoption?

Women fear that they could never “give their baby away” in an adoption. But placing a baby for adoption allows women to pursue their dreams while ensuring that their children receive loving care. Truthfully, the adoption process and paperwork can be easier than the emotional journey of adoption. But professionals, support groups, and other resources exist to empower women to make the best choice for themselves. 


What are my rights as the birth mother?

When a woman decides to place her baby for adoption, she chooses an adoption agency to serve as a mediator. Adoption agencies aid birth mothers and adoptive families throughout the process. But the birth mother makes the decisions. She makes an adoptive plan to outline her desires throughout the process. The plan even entails what she wishes during childbirth and her hospital stay. 


Does the father of the baby have to be involved in the decision to adopt? 

A father’s involvement varies case by case, and an adoption agency can aid in finding and notifying the father. Some states require a father to be contacted.  


Can a birth mother change her mind about adoption? 

From the moment she confirms her pregnancy, a woman may change her mind about placing her baby for adoption. After birth, state laws dictate how many days a woman has to change her mind.  


What are the adoption laws in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, the birth mother has 72 hours after birth to consent to the adoption. During those hours, the woman has time to recover from childbirth and to truly reflect on her decision. After she consents to adoption, the birth mother has up to ten days to change her mind. Adoption professionals walk closely with women throughout the pregnancy to ensure that they are truly ready. 


Does adoption cost a lot of money for a pregnant woman? 

A mother does not pay anything to place her baby for adoption. Tennessee allows an adoption agency to cover medical expenses, counseling fees, legal fees, and living expenses. Living expenses may include housing, bills, food, and utilities. 


How does a pregnant woman pick an adoptive family? 

The adoption agency provides birth mothers with profiles of potential adoptive families. The profiles include extensive information about the family—such as interests, upbringing, jobs, religious beliefs, and parenting styles. Sometimes families include videos, too. Birth mothers then have the opportunity to meet with potential families.  


What is the difference between closed and open adoption? 

Before a woman gives birth, her adoption agency aids her in deciding how involved she wants to be in the child’s life after birth. 


In an open adoption, a birth mother stays in contact with the child and the adoptive family. Their relationship may include phone calls, exchange of pictures, or personal visits. In an open adoption, a birth mother often has a relationship with the child. The majority of birth mothers choose open adoption because they enjoy the chance to still be involved in the life of their baby. 


In a closed adoption, a birthmother has limited contact with the child and the adoptive family. The adoption agency may facilitate the exchange of anonymized photos. Of all adoptions, only about five percent have no contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. 


Is adoption good for the baby? 

A growing child may experience a range of emotions about the adoption. But today, adoption professionals train parents, counselors, and friends to help the child navigate their emotions. Babies adopted by loving families often live full, rewarding lives.     


Are there benefits to putting your baby up for adoption? 

Women who place their baby for adoption often experience personal benefits. Upon making the choice to place her baby for adoption, an adoption agency immediately supports the woman. Adoption allows a woman to pursue her dreams while allowing her child the opportunity to fulfill their dreams too. 


Adoption Resources in Maryville, TN


If you are unexpectedly pregnant and feel overwhelmed, reach out to Pregnancy Resource Center today! Our compassionate team wants to offer you the support and the facts you need to make the best decision for you. If you are considering adoption, Pregnancy Resource Center can connect you with an adoption agency and walk with you as you take the next step. Call us today at (865) 344-6584 to make an appointment!

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