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Expansion Goals: 

Each year our board, staff, and volunteers dream BIG! It is neat to see what God has done in these past few years! If you would like to help and have a hand in helping us achieve these dreams feel free to call our Executive Director, Valerie Millsapps at 865-977-8378 or call us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Praises and Thankfulness to the following Goals completed:

2016 Completed:

Replace Center Floor

Update website and increase outreach


2017 Completed:

Launch awareness campaign to reach colleges, middle and high schools within a 30 mile radius as the first resource to those families that face an unplanned pregnancy. 

Add new state of the art "Save the Storks" mobile unit to provide free services to surrounding communities. Current amount remaining:

Retire mortgage and increase outreach to be the first choice to families experiencing an unplanned pregnany. 

Add STI Testing 

New Ultrasound to replace on one in Brick and Mortar 

Have medical services on one side of the building


2018 Completed

Add Development Coordinator 


Our next goals over the next 7 years! Join us in praying that these will be met in His time!


  • Blog activated to sharing content
  • Phone system updated
  • New server
  • Technology Plan in place
  • 35 families giving at least $50 a month-Life Givers (Increase monthly support)
  • College Campus Outreach started
  • Paperless for Administration
  • Training provided to MMU drivers
  • Seal windows in Center
  • Adding 2 male board members 
  • Increase volunteers on our lean days (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Explore and get quote for electrical update in Center
  • Add Office Assistant
  • Increase baby showers for clients
  • MMU new location in Loudon
  • Update Client Care room with new hardwood
  • Wealth Management
  • CEU's for nurses

2019 1 year

  • Medical Advisory Team in place
  • Commerical grade back door
  • Community Outreach calendar in place for MMU
  • Increase involvement with Deeper Still
  • 6 Months in Rainy Day
  • Attending leadership conference: Heartbeat/Carenet
  • New dishwasher
  • Hours increased to 10-5pm
  • More clients served on MMU
  • MMU Nurse Manager added
  • Men mentors
  • Baby Showers Doubled
  • Young Lives Active

2021 3 years

  • Another ultrasound machine in Center
  • More volunteer advocates, RN's, sonographer
  • medical exam room tables (2)
  • Lobby updated
  • Increased Church partnership
  • Liaison in every church within 30 miles
  • MMU driver
  • New computers
  • Corporate Sponsors

2023 5 years

  • Taking down wall between staff office and MA room
  • Monthly Partners increased
  • Budget for investment in speakers increased
  • All staff attending leadership conference: Heartbeat/Carenet
  • Women's Wellness check up: One day a week
  • 9-5 Hours
  • Paperless 

2025 7 Years

  • MMU hours 10-6
  • Ads in movie theater/billboards
  • New wrap for MMU
  • Active College Groups
  • Availability for 3 College interns
  • Marketing budget increased
  • Client scholarship fund
  • Mobile App for client/donors