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The Pregnancy Resource Center is seeking applicants for a DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR

To apply, send a resume and cover letter,

By Friday, December 1, 2017



Pregnancy Resource Center
Attn: Executive Director
3028 Old Niles Ferry Road 
Maryville, TN 37803

Or you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Develops, plans, and orchestrates all marketing, public relations, and fundraising programs that will encourage, maintain, and increase philanthropic and community support to meet the short-term and long-term needs. These activities shall be consistent with Pregnancy Resource Center pro-life mission and vision and Christian core operational values and beliefs and shall reach individuals, corporations, foundations, as well as churches and related organizations, where appropriate. 


Job Responsibilities: Primary Responsibilities

Marketing and Public Relations

  1. Assists with the planning and design of marketing and public relations plan to promote Pregnancy Resource Center to the general public, to increase awareness of the organization and its mission and to promote increase in partners, donors, resources. Oversees and assists with the implementation and orchestration of the plan. The plan should include publication of articles about the organization and articles by our personnel in relevant publications and increased media presence (radio, news releases, etc.).
  2. Oversees the review, revision and/or design of marketing publications to address and compliment marketing objectives. Designs hardcopy and electronic publications and materials, including the website and a newsletter.

Fundraising and Resource Development

  1. Assists the executive director in developing/designing a fund raising plan in relationship to the overall organizational strategic plan.
  2. Oversees, directs and evaluates all donor relations programs in conjunction with the strategic plan. Possesses a good understanding of the organization’s financial and resource needs when setting goals, developing strategies and action plans. Devises and implements creative and unique strategies to; develop donor prospects and promote and/or assist with development of relationships with individual donors, community partners and foundations; cultivate these relationships to strengthen and expand the ministry’s donor base. Offers prayer support to and shares the gospel with donors and friends of the center as requested and appropriate.
  3. Devises and implements creative strategies for fundraising events and activities in conjunction with the Executive Director. Oversees all fundraising events and activities. This includes direct mailings, baby bottle campaigns and Walk for Life. Sets goals, trains staff (paid and volunteers), evaluates effectiveness and determines when to add, remove, and change strategies.
  4. Assists the executive director in developing and maintaining strong relationships with key contacts within churches, other pro-life and Christian organizations, community groups and pro-life minded corporations/businesses.
  5. Develops church partnerships and events and activities to attract volunteers.
  6. Oversees grant writing research, preparation, and submission of grants for appropriate for pro-life funding.


  1. Oversees the organization’s commitment to excellence and confidentiality regarding information, including but not limited to financial support, notepad comments, appropriate maintenance of hard files, and accuracy of computerized donor and prospect information.
  2. Reports, in a timely manner, the monthly and annual progress, effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and development programs. Identifies problems in meeting objectives and recommend solutions.
  3. Provides encouraging cooperative team atmosphere of service that is supportive of the organization’s pro-life mission and vision and Christian values and core beliefs.

Secondary Responsibilities

Works with the other departments/staff cooperatively to oversee and develop policies that promote the success of marketing/development projects and goals and protect the integrity and security of all historical and current data.

  1. Represents the organization in public forums that will enhance marketing and development efforts.
  2. Accepts assignments not specifically delineated above as requested by the executive director.

Supervises (Received/Exercised)

Assists with strategic planning and executes responsibilities to achieve/support overall plans and goals and the organization’s mission, vision, and Christian values/core beliefs. Resolves non-routine problems. Confers with the ED regarding major program and activity results/outcomes/evaluation as well as situations that have significant impact on the organization.

Ensures that the organization is complying with and abiding by all fundraising and charitable solicitation laws.


  1. Experience in the non-profit development field. Must be able to orchestrate all aspects of development.
  2. Experience in public relations and/or marketing.
  3. College degree in business, finance, marketing, or the arts and sciences is desirable, but not required.
  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills and dynamic human relation skills for interfacing with and inspiring staff, Board, and other constituencies to support the organization’s mission and affiliates.
  5. A working knowledge of fund-raising computer software preferred.
  6. Must have independent, sound judgment; must understand and adhere to the high standards of excellence required for public relations and development professionals regarding all aspects of marketing and development work, especially donor confidentiality and discretion.
  7. Demonstrated leadership abilities.
  8. Good administrative and organizational skills/abilities.
  9. Ability to work cooperatively – with a Christian servant heart – as part of a team.
  10. Demonstrated commitment to the organization’s mission and its Christian values and principles.
  11. Ability and willingness to demonstrate commitment to the organization’s mission, vision, core operational values, and core beliefs in the execution of position responsibilities.
  12. A willingness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and example to all organization constituents and to contribute to an office environment conducive to supporting the organization’s ministry of life.

Job Information

Part-Time; 20 hrs./wk.

$/hour to be negotiated

Occasional evening and weekend work/events