I am Loved

i am lovedWords have the power to encourage or discourage. Words have the power to give life or give death. Words have power to launch us into something great or hold us captive.

The Pregnancy Resource Center, Inc is excited to launch The Love Project. This is a great way for you to connect to our clients. You have the opportunity to speak life into them, to let them know they are loved, and that they are worthy. By the time most clients are at our door and about to turn that knob to walk in...they have been knocked down in life. Fear is holding them captive.

We want an opportunity for you to be able to pour life into our clients over a 7 day span. Each day they rise will be an opportunity for you to pour truth over them. It is a honor to connect with our clients as long as they want us, but having these precious words speaking into them may hold the key that unlocks such amazing potential that we already know is inside. Will you join us on this Love Project and pay it forward? You can partner with us financially to help serve our clients at no-cost here: Make A Donation


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