Embrace Grace

The Pregnancy Resource Center celebrated our 3nd semester of Embrace Grace coming to an end. For the past 12 weeks, we have been able to pour into 3 amazing single pregnant girls (blooms) that have desired to be poured into spiritually. Our first line of our mission statement at the center is to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those facing difficult decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies. We believe offering embrace grace as an optional class at the center hits every aspect of our mission statement.

Often part of the struggle is having someone by your side that can relate to your situation and understand all of the emotions that you are experiencing. By joining an Embrace Grace group, you have the opportunity to meet other moms who may be in a similar life season.

What is Embrace Grace?

Embrace Grace is a 12-week bible study to invest in the lives of single pregnant girls. At the end of the 12 weeks, the blooms are thrown a baby shower or a celebration of life shower if we have a birth mom. This past week we had the pleasure of showering all 3 of these graduates a big community shower. We had 3 individual families come together and shower these 3 blooms with a mom basket.

We had 6 different churches in our community "adopt" each bloom. Each table was overflowing with gifts from church families that had no idea who they were buying for, but just wanted to love and support this sweet new mom.

One recent graduate of Embrace Grace said, "In this class, I found hope, forgiveness, love and peace. My heart has been changed."

Before our community baby shower that we recently had; we surprised our blooms with a princess pampering. We had sweet friends come do hair, makeup, and nails on each bloom. It is nice to be pampered every now and then, but we do need to remember we are beautiful, worthy and significant every day!

We estimate that for $30/month, you can impact the life of one mother in one year. This gift allows a new parent to go through many programs, like embrace grace at no cost. Please consider partnering with us in this way to impact and save lives across our community. DONATE

The Pregnancy Resource Center just ended our second semester of Embrace Grace but call 865-977-8378 if you want more information on the next class that will pick up in the spring of 2017.

embrace grace

Thank you (left to right) Stephanie, Mattie and Lisa for pampering our Embrace Grace blooms.