If you feel led to join in helping "the least of these" Pregnancy Resource Center, one of the first and valued actions is simply giving. "Where are treasure is there is our heart also." A team of dedicated givers bears much fruit at the Mission of the Pregnancy Resource Center. There are so many ways to help too. We recommend the following guide for those considering helping.
  1. Do you have a question? Email us your question at info@prcbctn.com  
  2. Staying current with occasional updates. Sign up for mail or email by emailing Valerie@prcbctn.com and indicate that you would like to be added and how.
  3. If you are ready to start giving, please join with the Pregnancy Resource Center as an electronic monthly partner...which provides the stability that keeps our center focused on the ones that need it most. No amount is too small or too large...as the Lord leads you. You may give on top of that gift as able or led. There are projects that require extra giving. While cards are accepted, your checking account allows your allows your entire gift to go to the Pregnancy Resource Center!

By mail: Download PDF HERE                                   Secure Online GIVING HERE

  1. The next item is whatever you deem next in importance as you guide the Body of Christ in bringing their gifts of gifting. Click on the item to download a PDF.
    1. Volunteer Opportunities
    2. Material in kind gifts